3 thoughts on “Petronas Towers, Malaysia

    1. Hey Bud,
      Was in transit there on my way to New Zealand last year. Figured if I’m there for 18 hours might as well stay for 80 so spent 3 nights at this hostel which I found pretty nice. Friendly people, breakfast was included and close to transport options – http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/Matahari-Lodge/Kuala-Lumpur/22300/reviews
      Didn’t end up exploring that much as I was just exhausted from travelling but the Batu Caves were cool and free and easy to get to. The bird garden was quite interesting and I was told the queues are terrible for the Petronas Towers and you don’t get to go that high up (just to the skybridge if I remember correctly) so I went up the KL Tower which is higher and you get great 360 degree views.
      Hope that helps.

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