20 thoughts on “Yan’an Elevated Road, Shanghai

  1. Great shot. Details are really…well, detailed 🙂
    Not sure how you got the car static with a long exposure though. Surely a beautiful shot.

      1. That’s cool. Guess the car was on a red when you shot this pic. Awesome Rory. Great work.

      2. Precisely. I was just wondering with the signal turned green and exposure of 6s how it seemed static 🙂
        Analysis paralysis on my part 🙂

      3. Still better, I am maybe looking at the wrong signal. Maybe its green for pedestrians and red (over the green light) for vehicles 🙂

      4. Having walked across that pedestrian crossing myself I am certain that the green is for the vehicles. Perhaps it had just turned green but the illumination is similar to the other lights suggesting they were on for the full length of the exposure. Maybe he was just very slow to react ?

      5. Maybe! A lazy or a dazed driver for all we know.
        Chances of being dazed rise exponentially if it was a weekend or late in night… 🙂

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