21 thoughts on “Inside the mouth of a cape cobra

  1. I’d be scared if I was a little mouse, but I find snakes amazing, and love the alien way they move. Maybe that’s why some people don’t like them; because people fear the unknown…. and snakes are incredibly different to us?!

  2. Hi,
    I clicked over from Fabulous 50’s blog, and thought I would have a look at some of your photos.
    The photo you have taken of this snake is just unbelievable, perfect timing. 😀

  3. Great shot! I would have run screaming the other direction the minute I saw it. My natural response to most things is to photograph them, but I just can’t extend that curiosity to snakes. They just freak me out!

  4. This picture made me jump when I was scrolling through your blog and came to it! Was not expecting it! What a cool picture, though. Might have to show my hubby – he’s terrified of snakes. 😉

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