Gabar Goshawk in flight

Rory Alexander Photography

This was one of the shots on my wish list, a raptor in flight, during a recent camping trip to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – January 2013

11 thoughts on “Gabar Goshawk in flight

      1. I found the park to be outstanding and in a way has spoilt the Kruger … so nice to see Lion, Cheetah and Leopard without having to fight for a place on the road… as for the raptors I’ve never seen so many… wonderful place to which I will be returning often….

      2. I haven’t been to Kruger but have heard about how commercialised and crowded it can be although I do miss not seeing the big game like Elephant and Rhino. For cats though the Kgalagadi is awesome, we saw 40 lion, 13 cheetah, 3 leopard and an African Wild cat during our 8 days in the park along with many raptors as you say.

  1. Great Image Rory, Yes Kgalagadi is what I call a “purist” park no doubt a raptors paradise, I am in Kruger often had my first Kalagadi trip last year after a 15 year wait. I now long to do the 1400 kilometer trip more often.

    1. Thanks. ‘Purist’ is a good description and one for the committed being miles away from anywhere but well worth the drive. Just had a look through your images from March – some great shots and amazing to see the valleys so green. It is very dry at the moment, especially Mata Mata.

      1. I would like to experience all the seasons in Kgalagadi as I believe each one will have its own magic for photography.

      2. Mentaly I do not think I will be strong enough for those temperatures having spent all my life in a sub-tropical enviroment. If the opportunity presented itself I would never say no!

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