7 thoughts on “Table Mountain at sunset

    1. And I didn’t have a tripod, although it’s probably just as well as I went out onto the rocks took the shot and then had to scramble back before the waves crashed. Not that familiar with that part of Cape Town but this was taken on the rocks just off from the first parking lot you get as you turn down off the main road.

  1. Dear Rory,

    Missed you at the appellation, but Karin talked about a fabulous picture that you had taken of Table Mountain that she was giving as a wedding present. I bet anything this is the picture. It is even more fabulous than Karin described. Well done, Rory. You certainly have a dedicated fan. All the best, Pam

    1. Hi Pam,
      Yes, I was sorry to miss the appellation and the chance to see you again. This picture was one of the options but in the end they chose another one taken from Lion’s Head which actually came out really well and I may just print up some more to sell.
      As always I appreciate all your support and hope to see you soon.

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