My aim with this blog has been to highlight my photography and thus I have kept the writing to a minimum and made it all about the images. So while I am very grateful to all the people who have nominated me for various blogging awards over the past couple of months I haven’t wanted to do the obligatory posts following the rules and reposting for fear of messing with the flow of the site.

However I do want to recognise those that nominated me and hence this page. So a very big thank you to:

Cornelia Lohs of Strassenfotojournal for nominating me for both of these awards:

As well as Mark of Reflections of China and John of MiltonJohns Photography both of whom nominated me for this award:

Recently I was nominated again for the this award by Duko of Duko Photoblog, thank you!

A very big thank you to Steve over at TheFotoBird for the Sunshine Award and the vote of confidence in my photography.

Honoured to receive a third nomination for this award from Ming over at A view with Ming :


Thank you to Stephanie who shares lots of photos from her travels on her blog Real Footprints and nominated me for:

Photo Blog Blogs
blogs directory

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